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From Old World Remedies to New World Formulas


Denis Noel


This Special Formula was created by Mr. Denis Noel of Noelville Ltd. in Grenada, West Indies. Years of trial and working with as many people as he could find to perfect his proprietary formula, Mr. Noel received the title of Dr. Spray. More and more people were glad to see him.

With Nut-Med, hundreds of thousands of people are now living more comfortably and enjoying a more active lifestyle.

Grinding Nutmeg


The KEY is in the "nut", the NUTMEG tree.

It is easy to spray on Nut-Med and saturate the area.  The fragrance is delightful, but doesn�t linger.  The oils are the lightest oils found and penetrate the skin to do their work.  There is no oily residue and no staining of material.  This product is not tested on animals and the nutmeg used is sustainably grown. 

Over the years, traditional herbalists have used nutmeg oil for its soothing properties. Noelville Ltd, in consultation with specialists involved in the pharmaceutical and medical professions, has done intensive research which has resulted in the product NUT-MED�. This product is a blend of plant extracts with the refreshing scent of nutmeg. When those natural ingredients are combined together in their precise amounts and dispersed in alcohol it brings soothing comfort to areas of the body experiencing stress.

The Nutmeg effect is found in ancient Arabian writings and supported by the more recent Grenadian experience.

All ingredients are considered safe to use and unlike other similar products sold on the market today,
Nut-Med� is not formulated with waxes, artificial colors and other chemicals. The ingredients are carefully selected botanical extracts for the safest results of this product.

(The following is for informational purposes only and Nut-med does not endorse any claims as to the healing properties of nutmeg oil.)

"Nutmeg oil is prominently used in the pharmaceutical industry. Historically nutmeg has been used as a form of medicine to treat many illnesses ranging from those affecting the nervous system to the digestive system. Presently, the nutmeg oil is used by many pharmaceutical companies in their formulations of products to treat different illnesses.

Spray Bottles

In 1992, Proctor and Gamble launched a non-drowsy and alcohol-free Vicks cough syrup with the essential oil of nutmeg as an active ingredient. Robinson-Health Care in Britain in 1991 also marketed an impregnated tissue Easy Breather Tissue, which helps to clear congestion, featuring the essential oil of nutmeg. In the same year, Ramedica International Corp. marketed in the USA, a pain relieving ointment called Ramedica Herbal Wonder Balm, and nutmeg oil was once again one of the active ingredients. The essential oil of nutmeg continues its historical importance as a major pharmaceutical ingredient."

Source: Nutmeg and Derivatives, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome September 1994, FO; MISC/94/7

Manufactured by Noelville Ltd of Grenada, West Indies ~ The Spice Island